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Thông báo về quỹ học bổng Iizuka Takeshi

Ban biên tập nhận được thông báo của quỹ học bổng Iizuka Takeshi, nội dung thông báo của quỹ như sau: (thông báo tiếng Nhật có ở phía dưới)

Iizuka Takeshi Scholarship Foundation

Name of Program:
2017 University Scholarship Program
Application requirements:
(1) International students enrolled in a university (four-year course or more) or graduate school in Tochigi prefecture.
(2) Individuals who have high aspirations, show exemplary conduct, have an excellent academic record, are in good health, and who can be expected to serve as global-minded citizens with sound judgement in the future.
(3) Individuals who are recognized as needing financial assistance for studying at a university or graduate school.
(4) Individuals who will be 30 years of age or younger as of April 1, 2017.
The Iizuka Takeshi Scholarship Foundation was established based on the principle of Takeshi Iizuka, who founded Tochigi Keisan Center (now called TKC Corporation). Iizuka believes that “The development of human resources is the ultimate endeavor,” a conclusion he came to base on his experiences as a youth. The foundation carries out human resource development programs through such activities as the provision of scholarships and holding of lectures.
How to apply:
The following forms must be submitted:
1. Forms for submission Please write up or prepare the following forms and submit them to our foundation.
(1) Scholarship program application form (designated form)
(2) Letter of recommendation from the school president (designated form)
(3) Student registration certificate
(4) Acquired credits and academic transcript from your university
(5) Japanese Resident certificate
(6) Copy of passport
(7) A short essay in Japanese
Theme: “The Strong Me and The Weak Me”
Word count requirement: Between 790 and 800 words
Manuscript paper: Please download the designated paper from our website.
For (1), (2), and (7), please download the forms from our website and fill them out.
Application period:
Friday, January 27 to Monday, February 6, 2017 (receipt date)
Scholarship amount:
35,000 yen per month per student, 420,000 yen annually. Only a limited number of students will be selected.
Subsidy period:
Until the recipient reaches the age of 30 for a maximum of 4 years (including years in graduate school).
Iizuka Takeshi Scholarship Foundation
Inside TKC Corporation, 1758 Tsuruta-machi, Utsunomiya-shi, Tochigi 320-8644
Tel: 028-649-2121
Fax: 028-649-1103